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Defence Jobs in Australia


Army Officer


About the Job
Unlock your full achievable and take on a significant profession that makes a actual difference.

As an Army Officer, you’ll take the lead of a crew of soldiers. You’ll choose up the fundamentals of being a leader: mentorship, influence, trouble solving, selection making, and plenty more.

There’s no management trip required. You’ll acquire world-class coaching to attain your full management practicable at the Royal Military College. On completion of your Officer education at RMC, you can choice a specialisation in a variety of distinct roles. No count number your specialisation, your function as an Officer will mould you into a chief armed with the equipment to be triumphant in Army and beyond.

Within your profession as an Army Officer, you may take the lead of a group of especially succesful troopers in new and thrilling environments based totally on your specialisation.


Then, in your Officer career, you’ll be bodily and mentally challenged each day to be the nice chief you can be.

As an Army Officer you will specialise in one of the following roles on completion of your training:
Armoured Officer
Artillery Officer
Helicopter Pilot
Catering Officer
Electrical and Mechanical Engineer
Engineering Officer
Infantry Officer
Intelligence Officer
Health Officer
Military Police Officer
Ordnance Officer
Signals Officer
Transport Officer

Defence Jobs
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Applicants should be at least 17 years of age and in a position to whole the Initial Minimum Period of Service earlier than achieving Compulsory Retirement Age (60).

Applicants will now not be allowed to enter the ADF till they attain a minimal of 17 years of age, on the other hand they may additionally be capable to provoke the ADFA software system from sixteen years of age.

Education & Experience
An applicant need to omit 4 tertiary authorized topics at Year 12 degree consisting of English—and meet University Admission Index requirements.

Medical & Fitness
To be enlisted or appointed, you need to be medically and bodily suit for entry to your chosen occupation. This is partly assessed from the completion of an sizable questionnaire protecting your clinical history, observed with the aid of a bodily examination.

You will additionally be required to efficiently skip a bodily health check earlier than appointment.

For similarly small print on clinical and bodily health requirements refer to Physical Fitness Standards for Entry into the ADF and Medical Process for Entry into the ADF.

Salary & Allowance
Your profits whilst finishing your studies
When you first be a part of the Army and whilst reading for your diploma at ADFA, you will be paid:
Total bundle $46,316 per annum

Your earnings as soon as trained
On completion of your degree, preliminary navy coaching and preliminary employment training, you may want to earn:
Total Package $82,574 per annum

> Salaries proceed to expand based totally on your rank and years of service
> Salary right as of Nov 2021
> Please be aware that revenue records is robotically reviewed for all roles on the Defence Jobs website. Please communicate at once with a Defence Force Recruiter for greater information

To serve in the ADF you ought to be an Australian Citizen.

If you are a everlasting resident of Australia, the ADF might also reflect onconsideration on a transient deferral of the citizenship requirement if the role for which you are making use of can’t be crammed via an applicant who meets all the citizenship requirements, and then solely in terrific circumstances. You will be required to acquire Australian Citizenship as early as feasible following enlistment or appointment.

Find out extra in our Citizenship web page or ask your nearby Defence Force Recruiting Centre.

Security Requirements
The Department of Defence requires ADF personnel to have safety clearances excellent to their employment.

A system of heritage checks, series of applicable records and, as required, interviews, allows the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency to make an knowledgeable evaluation of an applicant’s suitability for a protection clearance.

The minimal safety clearance degree required is Negative Vetting Level 1, and cutting-edge coverage requires candidates to have a checkable historical past for the preceding 10 years. Required data includes:
> Residence
> Employment
> Education
> Credit

Australian Citizenship is a requirement for a safety clearance and a clearance will solely be granted to a non-citizen in magnificent circumstances.

Military Training
Location of training: Australian Defence Force Academy
Duration of training: 156 Weeks
The tutorial and army coaching at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA), Canberra ACT, takes three years to complete. After graduation, you will attend the Royal Military College, (RMC) Duntroon, for 12 months to in addition beautify your navy training.

Upon becoming a member of ADFA, you will undertake 4 weeks of preliminary army education to put together you for carrier life. This education encompasses leadership, ceremonial, physical, discipline and weapons training. You will additionally undertake journey training, research about educational existence and put together for your first ceremonial parade as a member of the Australian Defence Force. This parade, which is reviewed via the Chief of Defence Force is a gorgeous possibility for your parents, household and buddies to have a good time your achievements as you embark on your army career.

During the educational year, up to 9 hours per week are assigned to navy schooling and training. This software consists of management studies, Defence studies, coaching in army law, weapon handling, verbal exchange skills, as properly as bodily health training.

On at least two activities every year, you will undertake Single Service Training with RMC of about two weeks. Over three years, these blocks of coaching will furnish you with all the abilities vital to begin education at RMC upon commencement from ADFA.

Other breaks at some stage in the 12 months will supply you with the chance to be worried with tutorial discipline trips, distant places battlefield find out about tours, a go to to an distant places defence academy (if you have excelled in your studies) and extracurricular things to do such as adventurous coaching and carrying trips.

All of the above training, collectively with the skills you will obtain thru your undergraduate diploma at the University of New South Wales, will furnish you with an gorgeous grounding to development with your Army career.

Location of training: Royal Military College
Duration of training: 12 Months
RMC education for ADFA cadets consists of two phrases every of about six months duration. The first time period for ADFA cadets at RMC is referred to as Second Class and their last time period is recognized as First Class. ADFA cadets are now not required to entire a previous six months of RMC coaching referred to as Third Class due to the fact of the educational and navy coaching executed at ADFA.

This is how your army education at RMC will unfold:

Second Class: By the give up of Second Class you will have grasped command and management competencies at part and platoon levels. You will have obtained similarly preparation in combat tactics, navy history, administration, training, science and technological know-how and verbal exchange skills. You will additionally have the probability to practice this information and journey in the subject and exercise at area command level, increasing to platoon degree toward the stop of Second Class.

First Class: By now you will be equipped to put your information into exercise at the section, platoon and enterprise level. Your perception of strategic issues, management, navy records and management will additionally be similarly developed.

After commencement you will be assigned to one of the Army’s specialised branches, regarded as Corps. Then you can put into expert exercise all that you have learned. Initially you will be required to whole numerous weeks of in-service Corps coaching and familiarisation. Then you can also discover your self taking troops thru subject exercises, bodily coaching drills, tactical assaults or managing any wide variety of indispensable Army functions.

During Military (ADFA and RMC) Training and (Initial) Employment Training (Regimental Officers Basic Course etc), you will be required to pay a contribution closer to your meals, lodging and utilities.

Employment Training
Just prior to commencement from RMC, you may be appointed to one of the Army’s specialised branches, recognized as Corps. For example, the Transport Corps is accountable for transport of Army personnel and all types of tools by using land, air and sea.

Corps allocation is based totally on your preference, competitiveness and availability of positions.

Initially you will be required to entire various weeks of in-service Corps coaching and familiarisation. You’ll then be posted to your unit, the place you might also discover your self taking troops via subject exercises, tactical assaults or managing any wide variety of integral Army functions.